Summer, It's Golden

Love the swim you're in,

especially when it's bathers by Zingiber Swimwear.

And what better way to kick off the 2017 season than with an exclusive pool party with free flowing bubbles, giant inflatable swans and babes in bikinis.

Matisse Beach Club set the scene while guests mingled and splashed in the pool along with blonde Chadwick babes - Ebony Hunter, Grady Wulff, Haylee Porter and Michaela Bennett - in luxe gold and black bathers.

The infamous Zingiber Tribe even made an appearance 

Jordy Kuriata with beau Chris Randall

off-duty models Melody Wilkinson & Evelyn Leckie

home from Sydney - Levi Neufeld hanging with ex-bachelorette Rachael Gouvignon & Emma Dye

everybody's favourite - the infamous Zingiber Tribe

production_ The Studio

With fans like Khloe Kardashian, Micah Gianneli and Tash Oakley how could Zingiber not be the look of Summer 2017...

Plus we got the inside scoop on next season styles and although we can't share much with you yet it can be said we'll definitely be first in line to score the new togs (and that's a big statement when bather shopping is your worst nightmare)

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