Model x Model

When we think of models,

It's only natural to picture them perpetually stuck in front of the camera.
But more and more lately we are seeing some of our favourite models trying their hand on the other side on the lens.

From one of the world's first real supermodels, Helena Christensen, who has shot for the likes of Vogue and ELLE - to the new generation taking the world by storm and nowhere near content being pigeonholes as just a pretty face.

Kendall Jenner shot a 10-page spread for LOVE Magazine with Kia Gerber (daughter of modelling royalty Cindy Crawford herself). 
 Even Burberry have jumped on board, enlisting Brooklyn Beckham to shoot the 2016 Burberry Brit fragrance campaign.

So, never one to turn down a fun idea, we thought why not try it ourselves? 

Enlisting the help of our favourite hair stylists at Morph and booked in a date night with two of the most fun models we new letting them loose with the polaroid camera.

Michaela & Holly
hair by Morph
produced by The Studio




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