The Overnighter

Personally I find travelling stressful af,

and I like to be prepared for every eventuality. 

Example: My trip to Melbourne for VAMFF earlier this year. I had everything I needed neatly folded and ready to go, when two hours before my flight I began a hysterical bout of panic packing

If you don't know what panic packing is - picture trying to shove every piece of clothing, pair of shoes and handbag you own into one suitcase as your Uber waits downstairs - even those pants you haven't fit into since 2013, just because you "might" need them.

Not a pretty sight.

But it's not just about what you pack these days, to travel in style you need the perfect bag to carry your things in.

Which is why I almost literally jumped for joy when Jessica Bratich brought out her newest range of bags - including the super stylish Deity Overnighter - perfect for the traveller in all of us. 

And what better location to shoot them in than gorgeous new luxe guesthouse on the block, The Lodging, in Fremantle.

makeup _ TMF Cosmetics
hair _ Morph Salon
style _ Elle Giles
location _ The Lodging

produced by The Studio

The bags are available to shop now, in-store and online

perfect timing for those of us planning winter getaways this year (which I wasn't, but with that temperature drop over the last few days, I'm out of here ASAP)





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