A wise person once told me that, 

“a woman’s hair is that crown that she never takes off”
Well okay, maybe it wasn’t a wise person, or even a person at all, maybe I just read it on Instagram somewhere… but it still has a lot of truth to it.

Now it's pretty well known that I've always loved making a statement with my hair - whether it's dyeing it every colour under the sun or chopping it all off at a moments notice - I've done it.

However I'm pretty much a hair stylist's worst nightmare when it comes to looking after my hair, and after almost 18 months of platinum blonde locks not to mention using my GHD irons almost daily, my hair was starting to look worse for wear.

So when my friends at Morph Claremont invited me into the salon recently after our Bubbles & Braids evening. Suggesting I try out a smoothing keratin treatment by Australian company bhave I didn't really have anything to lose.

I've been sucked into using "miracle treatments" and the like before - I'll admit it I'm gullible and I'll try anything if it promises to give me great hair. So I didn't really go into this with the highest expectations, but I've got to be honest, the results have completely blown me away.

Everyone in my general vicinity recently has had to put up with me constantly going on about how healthy my hair feels and how much easier it is to manage.

My hair has always been thick and unruly, hours of my life down the drain blowdrying and straightening and curling to try and get it looking even passably good. But since my bhave treatment my blowdrying time has literally been cut in half, not only that but my hair blowdries almost perfectly straight with absolute minimum effort - and I'm all about zero effort!

I know I'm running the risk of beginning to sound like a shopping channel commercial  here, but seriously my hair has never felt healthier or easier to manage and I've had so many compliments since having it done.

Not only am I so grateful to the Morph girls for talking me into having this treatment done in the first place, but my stylist Shannon was amazing and gave me exactly the chic grown-up cut I've been looking for lately.

But I guess the biggest tell with these things is if it's something you'd go back and have done again - and I have to say that there is no way in hell I'm going back to how it used to be. 

I'll be back for sure.

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P.S. Nobody paid me for this post - think of it as a PSA for your hair :)




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