A Kardashian-Free Best Dressed

Manus x Machina,

Silver gowns as far as the eye can see.

Yes the theme of this year's Costume Institute Ball sounds suspiciously like the title of a violent futuristic video game, and it did have it's similarities, but actually it's that day of the year when fashion snobs and meme creators alike come together to watch the rich and famous strut (and often stumble) their stuff on the red carpet in hopes of receiving the elusive and much coveted title of,

 Best Dressed 

This is our list of most eye-catching, jaw-dropping, show-stopping looks from fashions night of nights, and as the title subtly hints - 

it will be a Kardashian/Jenner free zone!

- not because we personally have anything against the worlds most famous family, but honestly we've already all seen what they wore and it wasn't really anything we didn't expect, so what's the point rehashing old news?

At any rate, Vogue already named Kim & Kanye best dressed couple of the evening (lets all hope there's an editor somewhere in the world being fired this evening for that)

But now onto bigger and better things...


who - Claire Danes

look - Disney Princess gets lit... literally

wearing - Zac Posen

Never been a fan of the princess dress - well damn Zac Posen may well have just changed my mind - it's got the futuristic fashion theme nailed without resorting to the typical alfoil clad, vacuum sealed look so many went for. 
And no-one makes a better Cinderella than Romeo & Juliet star, Claire Danes does.


who - Jourdan Dunn

look - Imperial Star-Wars

designer - Balmain / Olivier Rousteing

A crowd favourite this year, I'm pretty sure it was that Instagram back-shot that did it - the perfect hair, the perfect figure, damn she looks good - and from that moment on every other silver-clad #BalmainBitch (as I've affectionately named them) ended up looking like a poor man's Dunn...


who - Poppy Delevingne

look - Great Gatsby meets Xena Warrior Princess

designer - Marchesa

One of my personal favourite looks of the entire night - anyone who knows me is aware I'm a sucker for fringe and like a magpie when it comes to shiny, sparkly things so one might say this dress was basically made for me.


who - Karlie Kloss

look - What You See Is What You Get (Or Is It?)

designer - Brandon Maxwell

Some might be surprised by this as Karlie's look was dubbed super "safe" this year. But I love a good costume change, just look at the smirk on her cherubic little face as she walks out in that crepe coat, you just know she's thinking 'wait until I take this off and floor you suckers' not to mention she made the most of her dress by merely cutting it into a mini for the after-party, how efficient.
Maybe not obviously on brief but if the future of fashion is just cutting dresses to suit your occasion you can count me in.


who - Ciara

look - Girl Ripped the Stars Out the Sky

designer - H&M (no I'm not kidding)

To be fair it was custom H&M, but still...
This award is named so because honestly she could've ended up looking like the Tin Man with that dress and that hair but she didn't, she looked smoking hot and I'm a big fan.

That's the EFNC top five for 2016, your's might be different but that's okay - start your own blog.

Bella Hadid also gets an honourable mention because she's hot af and the bottom of her dress looks like something I'd like to roll around in...





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