2016 WA Fashion Awards

Perth may not be the biggest,

city in the world...
Or even in the country, but we do seem to have a huge amount of talent coming from the isolated little town we call home.

And once a year, the whole industry comes together, gets all sorts of dressed up, pops some bottles and celebrates that talent and the people who bring the most to the table in the WA fashion industry.

2016 WAFA Winners,

WA Designer of the Year - Morrison
Emerging Designer of the Year - I Love Mr Mittens
Retailer of the Year - Varga Girl
Photographer of the Year - Chantel Concei
Stylist of the Year - Teagan Sewell
King St Fashion Walk of Fame - Christine Fox
STM Model of the Year - Claudia Todman

Without doubt some very deserving creatives among the winners - none more so than Teagan Sewell an absolute legend of a stylist with more imagination and creativity in her little finger than most will have in a lifetime (maybe I'm biased... but unapologetically so). 

As well as glamazon mega-babe Claudia Todman - although the image below should make it obvious why all three girls made the cut for nominations ;)

all images thanks to Part Blue Photography

A night to be remembered...

or forgotten - especially if you were at karaoke until the early hours.





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