#SUITED the boat party

I think I can pretty confidently say,

that there is nobody more excited for Melbourne Cup this year than the crew involved in the SUITED event.
Last year, the first time the event came together, was a day (and night) of epic proportions and this time round is set to be bigger and better than ever.

When an event sells out as quickly as this one did there is really only one thing to do...

On a boat.
In the middle of the Swan River.

images thanks to Part Blue Photography

Events like this don't just fall into place all by themselves (to the surprise of many) there's an epic amount of work involved and a legion of people working behind the scenes to make sure that there is no better event to attend in Perth, so before we work to make your Melbourne Cup day the perfect experience we took some time out Saturday night to let our hair down and celebrate the success that is SUITED.





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