the H&M Experience

It's not every day a retail giant arrives in Perth,

although it does seem to be happening a lot more often in recent times. A new fashion powerhouse opening it's doors requires a certain amount of fanfare, and H&M did not disappoint.

This Swedish retailer has been a favourite of mine on many an overseas trip so to hear it was opening in Perth was definitely exciting, excitement slightly dampened by the fact it was going to be all the way out in Joondalup...

But they had an answer for even that dilemma. 
An impressive convoy of chauffeured cars transported the lucky guests from breakfast (an super-sized coffees to make up for the early start) to the huge new premises for our shopping pleasure the day before it's official opening.

My initial thought (besides being totally overwhelmed with choice) was - "Oh no - I'm going to spend a lot of money today" - but to my surprise, even though I scored 3 pairs of pants and a new dress the price tag didn't even tip $150. 

It's bargain central... a candy store for grown women (and men, and kids too)

Now any experienced shopper knows how intensive a good shopping spree can be, and H&M didn't disappoint, whisking us away after a fashion filled hour, to rest and refill whilst picking the brains of some of the core H&M team, surrounded by some of the most gorgeous florals you've ever seen upstairs at the Flour Factory in the city.

stunning florals from Natural Art Flowers by Rebecca Grace

from left - Me with Zoe Van Zanten, Ivanna Fontana & Chloe Poliwka

It's not always quite this glamorous - but I can't claim that fashion blogging doesn't come with some pretty incredible perks! Thanks H&M.




LOVE IT <3 XX Sameera & Adi



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