StyleAid 2015 x Door 49

If I had to choose the one night,

that every man, woman and child (okay maybe not the kids) in Perth looks forward to year in and year out, it would be StyleAid. 
WA's premier fashion fundraising event, this year with a 60's twist, StyleAid always brings out a pretty impressive crowd in even more impressive outfits.

Just a couple of weeks ago Perth's newest boutique bar, Door49, showed us that they really knew how to throw a great party with their much talked-about VIP Launch Event.
For StyleAid they wanted to continue to raise the bar, and support a very deserving cause, by hosting a table and intimate  pre-party for a group of Perth's entrepreneurs and it-kids.

Two of the King Street bar owners, along with The Studio girls Jacqui Brown and Elle Giles (hey, that's me!) hosted Bruug designer, - Tash Butler and Scherri-Lee Biggs from Channel Nine joined Gemma Walsh of the Social Pages, Sarah Langley, Lauren Lovelace, Imogen Whitton, Mark Cain and Natalie Hind on what could easily be the night's "loosest table" as Tash Butler so eloquently put it.

Natalie put together a video of our epic night for us to share with you, so if you couldn't make it in person at least you can be there in spirit...

The fashion runway did not disappoint with beautiful designs by some of my favourite designers, One Fell Swoop, Zhivago and Ae'lkemi among others, and a show-stealing performance by three guys in mesh and high heels strutting it better than most women I know.

Thanks so much to Door49 and StyleAid for another amazing night, and to Uber Black for getting us there in style.
Now that my hangover has abated, we can start the countdown 'til next year.





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