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How did you spend your Sunday evening?

I spent mine spinning above in the city centre with 150 of Perth's most interesting, enterprising and driven women in small business.

A new - girl's only - champagne and canapĂ©s sundowner launched at C Restaurant in the sky headed by Nikki Milne at the Perth Collective. 

Think of it as an opportunity to get dressed up, have a drink or two (or three or four) and some amazing food all while meeting women from all industries and walks of life but all with two important thing in common, the drive to better their own business and the desire to build up those around them.

Instagram seems to be by far the most prevalent arm of the business so far however this is just the tip of the iceberg, with workshops and business coaching already underway and an online store soon to come.

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Earlier in the week we had a chat with Nikki, the brains behind the Perth Collective (TPC), about her own business and what she wants to bring to the ladies of Perth.

The Perth Collective is a platform to showcase Western Australian, female small business owners and their products, stores, labels and brands. The concept formed after I sold my small business of 8 years and kept discovering all these amazing female-owned businesses that I felt deserved exposure through a not-for-profit social media platform. The blog features a few of these amazing women each week, sharing their stories and advice with others.
TPC Instagram // 20 June 2015

We concentrate on women as females can be amazing at building each other up, and also - shopping! Ultimately I want each Instagram post to translate to sales and new followers for each business. Also I personally know so many talented women that are in small business and I really want to support them on a larger scale using my marketing and social media experience.

@daylightletters at the TPC Launch

By founding TPC I wanted to create a platform bringing together all these amazing creatives from WA fashion, home, design, styling, hair, makeup, wellness, food, etc. The feedback has been amazing with many businesses contacting me to let us know how much of a difference TPC posts have made to their business, including one product that gained five new stockists just from one post on TPC!

3 of the great businesses we discovered Sunday evening - / @lafitstudio@cinquecandleco

We like great, clean, high quality images that take up the entire Instagram frame and don't repost competitions or promotions. I really encourage owners to model or style their own products and fashion for TPC posts as it becomes so much more engaging and leads to more followers for their business. 

With the evening rolling on to an after party at Howling's Bar in the CBD I'm sure there was more than one femme with a bit of a sore head this Monday morning. 
To keep up with TPC and future networking events (hopefully sometime soon for those of you that missed out) follow them with all the usual social media suspects,

insta - @theperthcollective
facebook - /ThePerthCollective

Whether you yourself have a small business or you just like well-curated pages with plenty of great recommendations to give your credit card a workout we definitely recommend giving them a follow.





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