A girl can never have too many bags,

and I've always been a strong advocate of this.
My bank account however, has not always agreed.
But now, finally I've found something my bank account and I can both agree on - Australian designed, high quality, affordable bags AND a style for every occasion.

Want to be let in on the secret?
We shot this street style campaign for Jessica Bratich Handbags in Mount Lawley recently and now the cat is well and truly out of the bag.

J E S S I C A   B R A T I C H 

Molly Clutch _ $69.95

"I was inspired by a bit of street style this time [Winter 2015] and I am always thinking about the functionality of the bags, including lots of pockets, detachable straps, anything that can really make a bag versatile."

Shannon Clutch _ $69.95

Jacquie Boy Bag _ $59.95

"I launched in early 2012 and my biggest challenge has definitely been manufacturing. So many mishaps, with receiving a lot of faulty stock and factories going MIA with my money and stock. The most rewarding thing is seeing people wearing my designs."

Cherie Clutch _ $69.95

Jacquie Boy Bag _ $69.95

"My favourite [bag from this collection] would be the Jacquie boy bag as it's easy to throw over your shoulder and the chain is adjustable to make it short too. I also have a thing for bags with studs."

Shannon Clutch _ $69.95

Molly Clutch _ $69.95

"My Spring/Summer collection involves some collaboration with some really great people and it's probably a little different to what I have done before by still maintains my aesthetic."

Molly Clutch _ $69.95

Cherie Clutch _ $69.95

designer _ Jessica Bratich / @jessicabratichlabel

lens _ Ryan Ammon / @ryan.ammon
model _ Grady Wulff / @gradywulff
stylist _ Elle Giles / @eatfashionnotcake
makeup _ Simone Cohen / @sc_artistry
hair _ Denis Lacey / @deniselaceyartistry

threads _ Shop 28 / @shop28

link below to shop these bags and more,



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