Urban Native

Just because we might be city rats,

doesn't necessarily mean we always have to dress that way.
Sometimes there's nothing better than feeling like a fresh-air gypsy kid and rocking some whimsical, bohemian style.

Besides being timelessly "undone chic" it's also a look that's ridiculously easy to wear. 
With loose lines, flowing layers and not a high heel in sight it gives the impression you've not a care in the world whilst giving you an excuse to rock bed hair all. day. long.


Kirsten Clemens @ Vivien's Model Management

Gypsea swimsuit, House of SKYE shirt, Mika & Gala shorts, Zanzi necklace

Catini dress, Ace of Something fedora, Jolie & Deen bracelet & necklace

Warehouse tee dress, Katherine Dunmill belt, Zanzi armband, Jolie & Deen bracelet

Bec & Bridge dress, Jeffrey Campbell boots, Zanzi necklace

EKAY top, Bec & Bridge skirt, Zanzi cuffs

Bec & Bridge dress, Neon Hart fedora, Zanzi cuffs

House of SKYE jumpsuit, Zanzi cuff, Stylist's Own belt

lens - Jeremy Choh / @jaychoh
muse - Kirsten Clemens / @kirstenclem22
hmua - Holly Garvey / @hollygarveymakeup
style - Elle Giles / @eatfashionnotcake

Threads thanks to EKAY, Perlu, Soul Sisters & Zomp 

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urban native




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