When it comes to the colder months,

there are some things you really shouldn't be without.
It's not always easy to compile a timeless, workable wardrobe that will keep you chic from sun-up to sun-down. 
But here we've done all the hard work and searched out those things that you really do need to create the basis of a great winter wardrobe. As long as you've got these pieces on hand you'll never be left out in the cold.

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The trick when it comes to working out your winter-wear is to build a foundation of classic, neutral pieces. Once you've got this established you can add your more statement garments that are going to change from season to season. 
But if you have this solid foundation set then it's not going to totally clear out your wallet every time winter comes around because you'll have the best of the basics all ready to go.

- W I N T E R   E S S E N T I A L S -

a fancy felt hat

This bad boy doesn't just look great with pretty much any outfit you throw together but also helps fight the frizz on those less than stellar winter weather days.
Our choice has got to be Lack of Color, The Mack structured 100% wool fedora in stone wash works with everything and at $79 you may as well start a collection - because they are addictive.

the throw over everything coat

The perfect statement coat that's not too statement - two tone grey with contrast detail on the back and cuffs. 
The neutral hues of this Viktoria & Woods, Nomadic Long Coat, will still work back with your entire wardrobe whilst pulling you away from that head-to-toe black look which so many of us fall back on for winter.

chunky knit sweater

Roll necks are back in a big way this cold season, and personally I prefer a loose fit knit. The draped silhouette and fleecy texture of these knit styles are great for keeping the cold at bay, plus it basically feels like walking around wrapped in a blanket.
The Three of Something, Solstice Knit is a great and inexpensive option. But either way the key elements are 1. chunky and 2. oversized and after that your options are endless. 

wear anywhere boots

There's nothing worse than getting stuck in sandals in the rain.
Make sure it never happens again with boots you can wear anywhere, and with positively anything. These Senso, Nile boots work perfectly with denim, look great with leather or even pair them with a dress for that tough, model-off-duty look.
And to top it off, they've got a block heel you could walk on for miles.

all weather leather

The one thing in your wardrobe you should really invest the most in is a good leather jacket.
If you've got 3 or 4 - great, even better - but if you're buying your first or replacing an oldie there are a few things to keep in mind...
No need to go overboard, simple is best as it will work with every outfit and you'll still want to wear it next season (an hopefully the season after that too). 
Make no mistake, real is better than fake - it's not hard to tell the difference and unless you're a vegan or raging animal activist then the real thing wins for look and comfort every. single. time.

your perfect black jeans

Nobody's perfect. 
Well except for Nobody Denim that is, and the Cult Skinnies are a perfect example of the kind of winter jean you should have in your wardrobe.
Super tight and midnight black these will take you from work at the office to drinks with friends and pull up perfectly again the next day. Ripped jeans are big at the moment too, and I love them for a more casual look but it's these are what you want at the top of your list as a staple for everyday wear.

some big-ass shades

So this may seem out of place at first but stay with me...
You know when you're walking down the street in the middle of winter and the wind in your face is glacial, like straight out of antarctica and it make your eyes stream, your makeup run - insert sunglasses here - you'll look and feel all the better for it, plus they're great for hiding a hangover if you've had a big night (or weekend).

Of course there are plenty of other things that we could've included here, scarves are a big yes as well as gloves for those super cold mornings. 
But what we've given you are the basics, with these on hand you can't go wrong and that transition from warm summer days to cold winter weather will be a much smoother ride.



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