Is this thing a joke?

No, apparently not.
It seems that we humans have become too time conscious, or was that just too lazy, to reach in our pockets and handbags to check our phone alerts.
Thank goodness then for RINGLY, the new and stylish answer to this very problem.

Forget the Apple Watch ladies, enter stage right Ringly costume jewellery - rings to be precise.
The future is here and jewellery has finally met technology so that we need never wonder again whether or not our friends have been trying to contact us or if we've missed our phone vibrating incessantly in the bottom of our Gucci handbags because now there is a ring that will alert us of exactly that!

The accessories work via customisable colour and vibration patterns that are synchronised to the wearers cell phone.
Using semi-precious and precious stones they are water resistant so no worries when washing your hands, etc. and the working range is up to 10 meters distance from the paired phone.


The rings start at $195 (USD) each and are available for pre-order now in a range of colour options,

Stargaze - Black Onyx
Daydream - Rainbow Moonstone
Into the Woods - Emerald
Wine Bar - Pink Sapphire - SOLD OUT
Dive Bar - Tourmalated Quartz - LIMITED EDITION

Already hinting at other smart jewellery pieces and designs in the pipeline - think accessories to unlock your car, and more beyond - as well as a style in the making for the Ringly man.

 We're not yet sure if this brand is just a flash in the pan or possibly the next generation of technology being integrated into our daily life and style?





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