I'm not sure if the name was chosen ironically,

but Understated Leather, the Texas born lifestyle brand known for embracing all things fringing, etching and of course animal hide, is anything but understated.

Aussie born Jen and American hubby Josh have brought to the world a leather label that is beyond compare.
They say the brand is "inspired by authenticity and individuality" and what that means you really get down to it is highly wearable and original designs that only get better with age. 
And they'd never dream of limiting your creativity either, with custom made pieces amongst their offerings and clients such as actress Emma Roberts and fashion superstar Margaret Zhang beating down their doors to get in on the action.

There latest and greatest range,

D O N ' T   M E S S   W I T H   T E X A S

lens: Michaela Wissen
muse: Anna Herrin

Starting at just over $200 there's a myriad of jackets and vests, leather and denim, on offer to customers but styles sell out quick so when you find your favourite don't rest on your laurels or risk missing out altogether.

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