I love everything about Summer,

the sun, the sand, the sweat sliding down your back just walking from your car to the next air conditioned haven from the blistering heat.
But one thing  really do love is the restock of my summer wardrobe, of course not everything has to change but there are always updates that need to be made.
And one of the best, also cheapest, ways to refresh last summer's look for this summer's style is to update your shades.

S U P A  S U N D A Y S

Relatively new kids on the block this Aussie label gives modern fashion sunglasses a retro twist at a ridiculously affordable price.
Always coming out with fresh looks and a new take on your favourite classic styles, they're the type of sunnies you can just grab and go - keep a pair in your bag (every bag) and a spare in the car for whenever you need.

Palm Swimwear bikini, Jolie & Deen jewellery, Model's Own shirt

Bec & Bridge tank, Jolie & Deen jewellery, Stylist's own bathers & slides

Palm Swimwear top, Steele shorts, Jolie & Deen jewellery

Vintage Tee, Jolie & Deen jewellery, Stylist's Own bathers

Palm Swimwear bodysuit, Jolie & Deen jewellery, Stylist's Own towel

photography - Perry Mclaughlan

model - Molly Grace Nylander - Chic Models

stylist - Elle Giles

hair & makeup - Abbie Barclay

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