ONCE Upon A Run...

Got your summer body ready?

Unfortunately the coveted "bikini body" is one of the only things left in these modern days that we still really need to work hard for. 

At least we can look good while we do it.

A new local activewear label was launched last week by a pair who could well be the alpha-couple of sport in WA.
West Coast fever netball player Shae Bolton along with West Coast Eagles footballer Mitch Brown presented the launch of their new label at a "run"way premiere at Camelot Theatre last Thursday night.
Partygoers dressed down for a "cocktail with kicks" themed evening and were treated to awesome (spiked) Pure Glow Cleanse juices under the stars.

Face & Body of the label - Miquela Vos

Soon even the most fashion conscious of you will have no excuse not to throw on your trainers and get sweaty because with Once Upon A Run dropping in stores soon you can look just as good while you work out as you do when you go out.

Filmed by Natalie Hind

To see more from Once Upon A Run, shop online or check out their sweet campaign video which aired on the night, click the link below,


I for one, have my eye on the super cute Once Brother Star Bra, worn on the night by fellow WA designer Tash Butler.
You don't even get shopping guilt when you know you'll work out in it!



Anonymous said...

What an awesome new brand. Wow.



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