We promised a series,

and so here's the second instalment in our Still Life series where we will be featuring some of our favourite local and far flung, accomplished and emerging, fashion photographers and their work - shot especially for EFNC.


Age: 20 (as of two weeks ago)
Home: Perth, WA
Profession: Photographer

I got involved in fashion photography because, I love creating emotive shots, almost narrative in a sense. All that shit of a photo being a thousand words really resonates with me.

My style of photography is, simple and minimalistic, trying to capture the model's beauty or flare in the most raw and pure way. I've found to do that you need to remove the clutter, keep it simple and just let the model rock it their own way.

My favourite thing to photograph is, women - plain and simple. I adore the natural beauty and sex appeal that all girls have. I just try to capture it in a unique way.

At the moment I am obsessed with, raw, candid, give zero fucks, natural beauty photos, where the model is just oozing confidence and sexuality. Very C-Heads x NextDoorModel.

I couldn't live without, music. Cheesy, I know, but I'm never not listening to music. It's playing when I'm shooting, when I'm eating, when I'm sleeping.

The best shoot I've ever done was, my first ever agency shoot with Nush [Anouska] Freedman from Chadwicks. It was my first time shooting with an agency level model and creative team, we absolutely nailed it and had the most relaxed day together.

I'm inspired by, everyday regular people that have their own style or feel. Their is nothing that makes me want to photograph someone more than seeing them confident in their own look.

I take photos, to document experiences, to capture a moment, to shoot someone in their most real and uncensored way.

In my eyes a great photo is made when, the image makes you feel something. Sure it's one ting for a photo to be aesthetically pleasing, for it to be a pretty photo of pretty people being pretty. But for it to be a great photo it should lead you to an emotion or feeling, it should be more than 'just' a photo.

Something I need to do in life is, Go to college in the USA for the American experience, try out for the basketball team and probably get dunked on, do a keg stand at a frat party and go on spring break.

Something no one ever asks and I wish they would is, "If you could shoot anyone who would you shoot?" - and I'm torn between my utter adoration of Sahara Ray, and my all time love for Emma Watson.

photographer : Perry McLaughlan
model : Georgia Gibbs





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