One of WA's golden girls,

having already made it as one of Western Australia's most loved models by the time she was 16, Grady Wulff from Chadwick Models,  has never been a wallflower. 
We got together to muck around and find out what she's got to say now she's hit her 20s and gotten all grown up .

name: Grady Catherine Wulff
agency: Chadwick Models
age: 20 (yesterday!)
hometown: Perth, WA

When I was young I used to think, eating my crusts would make my hair curly.

But now I know, genetics is the reason for curly hair!

I always wanted to be, a Teacher or a Singer.

I am most comfortable when I'm wearing, my Ugg boots, bike shorts and a slouchy tee - very fashionable, I know!

I'd describe my personal style as, the girl next door... Nothing too out of the ordinary but confident in my choices of outfit. My personality shows through what I wear and I have a few statement pieces I love to rock.

My current obsession, my new white hi-top Soles sneakers... [pictured below] my friends will all agree, haha! 

My wardrobe consists of, many pairs of bathers and beach dresses, shoes galore and many shorts. I am a Summer lover so I try to avoid winter clothes dominating my wardrobe which often works against me on the cold days.

On the runway I am thinking, don't fall, don't frown, don't laugh.

If I wasn't modelling I would be, travelling the world on a one-way ticket.

My favourite modelling experience, there have been too many to call any one a favourite but a couple of standouts would be MBFWA [Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia] this year and walking for 4 amazing Perth designers, and being the face of Zhivago for two of their lookbooks.

The best advice I have ever been given, my parents have been the best support I could have ever asked for from day one of my career. They taught me that showing appreciation and loyalty will lead to more success than arrogance and self-obsession. I have always lived by this and like I said before, value appreciation extremely highly and love every job I do and life experience I am granted.

If I could tell you just one thing it would be, appreciate every single experience you encounter and person you meet.

photos : Travis Lepri
styling : Elle Giles
hair & makeup : Simone Cohen

threads : Vintage black tee, Tanouk marbled leather jacket, Zhivago metallic shorts & Soles hi-top sneakers





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