Say no to the underwire,

while everyone else is busy trying to "free the nipple" I'm just over here like give me a bra but that underwire can push right off.

These days our underwear, and especially our bras, are as much of a fashion statement as the rest of our outfit. So why not make them comfy?

Underwear was revolutionised with the decline of corsets and the rise of the brassiere, bringing women a world of comfort.

It seems only natural that what began as a flirty, feminine trend (particularly suited to those of us who are chest-challenged) will evolve into the ever day norm.

The bralette is here to stay.

So why suffer in silence any longer? 
Burn all those underwire bras and start over, with something softer, feminine and all together much more comfortable.
Anyone have suggestions for other great underwear labels to check out?





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