Sheer Genius

There's loads of cool trends,

always coming and going in the fashion world these days. 
But how does one avoid the trap of following a fad when you would much rather fall under the influence of a more timeless trend. 
One that [fingers crossed] won't have you cringing when you look back in the years to come.


There's a certain trend, or shall we call it an infatuation, with all things sheer of late. Skirts and shorts, even trousers and tops, it seems nothing is safe when it comes to this infatuation with all things translucent.
And it seems that this is no "flash in the pan" fad to come and be gone before you've even deciphered how to maintain your virtue in attire that leaves little to the imagination.
It seems that sheer - in one form or another - is here to stay.
So why not embrace the see-through, there is so many ways...

If it's your style, take a page from Rihanna's book and go commando with a head-to-toe transparent look.
Otherwise you need not bare all, 
just a sneak peek will do.





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