The coolest, calmest, most collected,

kids on the Cali streets.
Okay well maybe only the first adjective above really applies to these crazy kids - but damn, their fashion is fine.

In a world where we get what we want and when we want it which is now, MAMADOUX are an entirely distinct entity, set apart by their custom made artefacts - artefacts, not clothes, because their creations are most definitely psychedelic works of art, culturally and (time will tell) historically significant.

In a time and place where the god-like powers of the internet allow us to buy and receive pretty much whatever we want in a matter of days, dynamic duo - Elliott Beach and Palma Wright want to make you work for it.

Offering a limited selection of their goods from online shop, The Cobrasnake, the majority of their wondrous collections are one-off creations available to order only if you're willing to take the time to send them an email and quite literally "talk it out".
 Then, if your nice enough, they might just make your dreams come true and send them to your doorstep all wrapped up in a postal bag.

Insta: @_mamadoux_
Facebook: MamadouxLife





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