We're not talking about the tax,

because let's face it, there's been enough talk about taxes, budgets and other political mumbo-jumbo to drive a girl to the edge over the past few weeks.
So today, we're bringing you an entirely different kind of Fringe Benefit, one we promise you won't be taxed for, and will make a great, lasting investment for your wardrobe.

Fringing has made a comeback, and not the prim and proper flapper-era fringe dresses of late 2012, the hot, rocker-grunge leather tasselled fringing that make us dream of cowboys, horses and dusty festivals in the sun.

Reformation / Always Judging

Paris Fashion Week / Fall 2014

Gucci / Spring 2014
Coyote Negro
Saint Laurent Jacket

Everyone from Topshop to Saint Laurent has something to offer so no matter your budget there are no excuses.
 But whatever you do, don't buy into those fringed bathers that all the High Street stores keep trying to throw our way... they're never going to happen (and for good reason).





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