I remember in primary school,

when the blonde girls would put bright coloured streaks in their hair with their highlighter pens.
And us dark haired girls would just have to put up with,
well, dark hair.

Well now I'm all grown up and once again candy coloured hair seems to be the flavour of the month.

all above images via Pinterest

And so after over a year of multi coloured hues in the ends of  my tresses - how does one step it up a notch?

Well you dye your whole head the colour of a lagoon of course...

Although many of my previous hair adventures have been embarked upon all by myself (or with the help of willing friends) I did get my wonderful homeboy and hairdresser extraordinaire Robbie McPhilomey to help me out with this one, because let's face it peacock coloured hair ain't for no wallflower.

We used a bucketload of bleach and my favourite new discovery, K-PAK Color Intensity by Joico in cobalt blue, it doesn't get any more vibrant than this.





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