Plaid Fad

Winter doesn't have to be drab,

so don't greyscale your wardrobe when it starts to get cooler 'cause this season checks are back with a vengeance.

There's a plethora of ways you can work plaid into your daily wardrobe - much more than the old lumberjack look - and we've outlined some of the best for you below.

Not sure whether you can hack actually donning the flannel yet? Just do the wrap-around and wear it on your waist. This look works particularly well with a casual-chic ensemble - thinks distressed denim and worn-out knits with dirty cons or your favourite scuffed up boots.

Less conservative with your wardrobe? Clash prints with "mixed plaids" - it's simple really get to different size/colour plaids and wear them together... A good way to ease into this is to start out with one statement plaid piece (i.e. a skirt or top) with a complementary plaid piece (something smaller, i.e. a scarf or bag).

Plaid coats are all the rage this winter with luxury labels like Chloe, Tommy Hilfiger and Vivienne Westwood getting amongst it as well as high street labels like One Teaspoon, Three Floor and Warehouse. 

Or throw out all the rulebooks and wear it matching head-to-toe. If trying this out try to change up textures at least to create a point of interest.

Or if the texture and style are all matchy-matchy, try mixing up the colour instead...

Sheer textures lighten the look from the traditional heavy layers associated with checks and plaids.

Candela Novembre, rocked my favourite plaid look ever this year in a head-to-toe menswear look by newbie Italian fashion label Au Jour Le Jour.

Isabel Marant takes mix and match plaid looks to a whole new level with the Fall 2014 collection giving a distinctly "Old West" aesthetic a chic, modern elegance.

Vogue fashion editor Christine Centenera shows she can mix plaid with the best of them and even give a picnic rug lookalike skirt and nylon-shopping-bag-esque top complete class. (don't know what I mean? here)

Classic suit boring you to tears? Chuck it in the trash and suit up in a plaid version instead. Stay sleek and minimalist with your accessories here to avoid looking like a train-wreck.

Russian Doll, Miroslava Duma, shows how to give classic tartan a sexy modern edge with some top shelf street style at London Fashion Week.

And hey, if you've got balls as big as blogger/stylist/model Hanneli Mustaparta, try yourself a triple decker at your own risk.





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