NEW HAIR, DONT CARE ft. Toni & Guy

Those that know me,

are well aware that I love my hair.
And not in the "Oh look at my beautiful, healthy long locks" Disney princess type way either. 
More along the "Sh!t yeah, let's do something new with this hair!" type of lines.

Having had my half a head of turquoise locks for close to six months now it's definitely time for a change.
But I'm not ready to go back to boring blonde or brunette hues yet, more like wanting to take this hair the next step into the candy-sphere.

However here is where I stumbled across problem numero uno - so far management of my candy coloured locks has been undergone completely at home in my personal salon (i.e. bathroom) but this was going to need something of the more professional variety of stylist.

Enter stage - 

After umm-ing and ahh-ing for a while about who in particular I should think about approaching for my new hair venture. 
A stroke of luck, or maybe it was just fate, brought stellar hair stylist Abby Raworth into my life.
Late one Thursday night working on an editorial shoot (soon to be released
featuring a gorgeous Lana Del Rey look-a-like model, a whole lotta swoon worthy gowns and some of the best hair styling I've seen this side of Alice Springs.
And I knew wherever this hair stylist was from was where my hair was meant to be.

And that's how a couple of weeks later I found myself at
Toni & Guy Perth Central 
tucked away on Wolf Lane in the CBD amongst some of the city's chicest bars (Cheeky Sparrow anyone?) and boasting two floors of any girl's (or guy's) hair heaven.

My team, cause let's be honest a real girl wants a team working on those locks

Jorja - colourist
Abby - stylist
Louise - assistant (and flippin' A-grade head massager)

All Images : David Cowe Photography

So the new look?

Mermaid Ombré of course...

Above Images : Shirin Carter 
the girls did an absolutely amazing job and made me feel so at home I never wanted to leave.

So luckily this is just Part I of the series following my hair transformation with more to come over the following weeks thanks to Toni & Guy Perth Central and their amazing award winning team.

Mermaid Locks Part II - Coming Soon

What do y'all think of the new look?

All today's rad images from,

Shirin Carter - Ragdoll Photography (after)





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