As the last person anyone would call,

the type to get down and dirty and be "at one" with nature. A two hour trip from Perth to an untouched location boasting one dirt track,  no food, no toilets and zero phone reception, wasn't really my idea of a good time.

Ixiah fringed vest, Triumph knickers, Little Dove Accessories 

But discounting the monstrous ants, scorching summer sun and lack of Facebook status updates - the Western Australian wilderness turned out to be a pretty wonderful place.

Set up upon a massive rock (think the size of a football field) are boulders of every shape and size, perched atop one another in the most precarious positions, like building blocks left behind by some gigantic, careless toddler.

Surrounded entirely by earthy, neutral tones where better to contrast with the bold vibrant colours brought to life with

Tribal Tendencies 

the Butcher & the Crow scarf (worn as turban), Monster Alphabets dress

Ixiah dress, Little Dove accessories

Sophia Lenzo dress, Little Dove Accessories

Ixiah top (worn as dress), Little Dove accessories

Ixiah bodysuit, Little Dove accessories

Tanouk dress, Little Dove accessories

the Butcher & the Crow skirt and top, Little Dove accessories

the Butcher & the Crow skirt

photographer : Tijana Lilic
stylist : Elle Giles
hair & makeup : Robert McPhilomey
model : Fiona @ Chadwicks

threads thanks to IxiahLittle DoveSIX Thread, Sophia Lenzo & Tanouk.





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