The most criminally underrated

pieces in any girls wardrobe, are the basics.

Your basic pieces are the bread and butter of your day-to-day wardrobe (except without the calories) the are the foundation of your outfits, the glue that holds your look together, and the metaphors go on...

They are those stealthy little pieces - be it a hat, shoes, top or sunnies - that just slide seamlessly into any outfit and any situation.

Basic Stealth

Supa Sundays sunglasses
Slip dress, Vangoh sandals, Lookbook Store armband

Rus Stiic singlet & maxi skirt, Vangoh sandals, Supa Sunday sunglasses 

Casa Kuma tee, Rue Stiic shorts, Stylist's Own sunglasses

A.D. top, Rue Stiic shorts, Nike shoes, Asos sunglasses

photos : Shirin Carter @ Ragdoll Photography
stylist : Madison @ Styling by Madison
hair & makeup : Robyn Maggie Werry
model : Ellie Walton @ Scene Models

Basically, your basics make up the foundation for almost all of your outfits, so don't overlook them. 
Your wardrobe will thank you.





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