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There's a great saying that goes,

"Rules were made for breaking"

It seems like, when it comes to fashion, the rules are endless.
Well what a boring world it would be if we always toed the line and did exactly what we were told...

I've always taken the stance that it is better to seek forgiveness rather than permission - so f#$k the rules, let's break some.

"Sneakers belong on the treadmill not the sidewalk"

Untrue. Fashion is all about fitness right now, so whether you're in a coat, dress or denim at work, rest or play you can pretty much guarantee that your sneakers will get you there in comfort and style. Make the most of this one before we're forced into less forgiving footwear again.

"double denim is the Devil's work"

Double denim is definitely not for the faint hearted or inexperienced. So please proceed with caution. Tips to follow - go for contrasting colours and textures, keep it unorthodox by using vintage pieces with modern fashion pieces.

"Your bra should never be showing"

Something grandmother's worldwide have been trying to drill into young girls everywhere. And I mean, sure... it's underwear, but with the amount of money we spend on it why shouldn't we be allowed to flaunt it every now and then? 
Just try to keep it tasteful girls, bras under sheer tops and bras peeking out of loose or cut-out tops NOT bras as tops.

"clashing prints never look polished"

Lies, lies, lies! You can mix prints and it can look chic. If your not too sure then there's a couple guidelines you can follow to get you started. Ensure there is a common colour following through, keep your accessories simple, if your unsure - stripes work with anything.

"Always remove one accessory before leaving the house"

There's a fine line between the artful layering of jewellery and stacking it like a six-year-old in Mum's trinket box. Try to focus on one area layer you neckpieces or stack your bracelets - generally not both.

"Sparkles and sequins should be save for the evening"

Oh, hell no... sparkles are great to brighten up any girls day. Here are the rules, keep it casual by sticking to either top or bottom (not both) and pairing with more casual or even masculine pieces. If you do decide to do it in a dress make sure to pair with boots or flats and anything else to keep it toned down.

So go on - be a rule breaker.





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