WAFA Favourites 2014

Yep it's that time of year again,

so I'll do what I always do at this time of year and share who I think should win what. My choices have been categorically harder this year as it seems WA has stepped things up in the talent stakes, 

Caitlin Lomax nominee for International Model of the year, photo by Wee Khim for L'Officiel Singapore

but here they are anyway,
my picks for the 2014 WAFAs

let's start close to home with EFNC's pick for Blogger of the Year, It's Now Cool is up for the second year in a row (alongside blog What's the Goh) after taking out the title last year, and as much as we like to back one of our favourite online magazines, there's always something intriguing about the underdog so for our pick it's gotta be

Harbour Master

Claire on the inspiration behind her blog,

"When I started my blog six years ago I wasn't sure what direction it would be taking, so didn't want to lock myself in to any fashion cliches - plus it was hard enough to carve out an identity that wasn't already taken (I'm amazed how anyone does it now)! The name is inspired by an obscure character from British comedy series The Mighty Boosh, Jurgen Haarbermaaster. The nautical reference has proven to be the perfect motif as it's an aesthetic I've been enduringly fond of despite many changes in personal style."

And shares her views on consumerism and "fashion ethics",

"I'm painfully aware that the current global mentality towards fashion is unsustainable - for the environment, for designers, for the industry. Conspicuous consumption of badly made, badly copied product leads to homology and ultimately a loss of appreciation for beauty, quality and innovation. 
I want to remind people that truly exciting fashion is born of hard work, responsibility, both practicality and impracticality, creativity, experimentation and the courage to move away from the crowd, and it's very difficult to achieve any of this when you're competing with a $20 version of your design at a high street store. 
I believe that conscientious design and production can exist at every level of the market, and make an effort to be informed about who is doing what particularly well, or particularly badly, and supporting the former."

Best Dressed Boutique this year didn't hold much contention for me. Up against perth darlings S2 boutique and Varga Girl, there's one that stands out from the crowd and it's just got to be,

Poppy Lissiman Addition

So how does Poppy describe the boutique?

"The main aesthetic I usually try and keep in the forefront of my mind is colour, prints and stuff which I haven't seen around much before."

And why is it that the Addition stands out in this tough market?

"We import a lot if young labels from Korea, Japan and China which I know you can't get in WA or Australia so they're defs [definitely - for those not up with the lingo] a point of difference for us. They're usually all really well priced too so we have a high turnover with these labels and constantly getting new stock in."

"We also still make our own jewellery here in Perth and a lot of the pieces are one-offs or part of a small series of which only a limited number are ever made. When we first opened in 2011 it was hard for us to get any stand out Australian labels because other retailers in Claremont already had them, so I stocked the shop with quite a few lesser known American and British labels, also some well known like Opening Ceremony, which I think has worked for us, putting labels in the store which haven't saturated the Australian market yet. Now we have some good Aussie labels too, as well as a few from WA - but they're a little more underground."

Possibly the hardest choice of all categories this year has to be, Most Innovative Designer, because in my opinion, all nominees (including One Fell Swoop and Zhivago) are beyond deserving of winning this award. But, like the magpie I am, I've never been able to say no to sparkles...

Jaime Lee

the concept behind Light Magic,

"I started looking at a lot of neo gothic cathedrals and then the stained glass used in some of the world's most historical buildings. I wanted to recreate the effect of stained glass and light through textiles."

and why we all love it,

"A lot of people's eyes are drawn to shiny, sparkly things??"

the Fine Detail category focuses on some of our states best jewellery and accessory designers. And although we're big fans of Katherine Dunmill and all her leather goodness (Jessica Bratich being the third nominee), who could ever go past one of the biggest head turners in this years Perth Fashion Festival,

Alister Yiap

Alister on his inspirations,

"Most of it comes from my orient background and I've visited Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore of late. I feel these little working holidays subconsciously influence your work though you may not initially see it. With Band of Gold I was going for a modern day Joan of Arc feel."

The role of accessories in the market today,

"It is unfortunate that people seldom head out to buy a new necklace or pair of earrings. Instead they are out for a new frock and perhaps so happen to pick up some jewellery to go with it. It tends to be an afterthought and trying to compete with importing giants, whilst trying to educate consumers on quality, in design and make."

And how his designs fit into the market,

"I don't like to pigeonhole my creations to one type of medium. I'm always exploring new and different products. From engagement rings to more affordable pendants and brooches or the occasional custom made commission of a fashion artifact to larger public art. You have to be flexible and have the ability to adapt."

Designer for Tomorrow, these young labels always show shiploads of talent, and even though the contenders, Monster Alphabets and Wild Horses, are tough this year. We have no doubt that this superstar label making waves in it's infancy will take out the title,


The Dyspnea team (Aimee-Cherie Kendall, Jameen Zalfen & Rachel Motteram) on recognition early on,

"It has been pretty overwhelming in the response that Dyspnea has received. We are super grateful for the support we've had. It's always so exciting when girls and guys out there want to have a piece of Dyspnea for themselves."

And the Inspiration behind the label and their aesthetic,

"We showed our latest collection Reptilia at this year's PFF [Perth Fashion Festival] in the WA Designer Collections. We merged aspects of the cold blooded animals form and texture to develop the collection. Dyspnea as a label itself comes from us three girls just wanting to create for the wilder one out there.

I won't go on about my contempt of the fact there is but one category for all the other creatives out there, because even though it sucks (yes I am very eloquent today), Creative Edge remains to be one of my favourite categories. Up against Perth stylists, Emily Howlett and Emma Bergmeier-Varian, if you haven't seen there work around then you're probably living under a rock (and a large one at that),

Shift Creative

Juliet & Jess talk to us about what it's like working as Shift Creative,

"We work as a team but we always have an extended team around us such as stylists, make-up artists, hair stylists, models, assistants, etc. 
The beauty of working in a team environment is the ability to draw on so much diverse inspiration. The creative energy that can flow with a well-matched team is beyond words - everybody just seems to be on the same flow, bouncing ideas off each other."

"Perhaps the downfall of being surrounded by so much talent is the reality that not every single brilliant idea from the team can be included in the final product... but that never stopped us from trying!"

And their favourite shoots so far,

"Every shoot we do, especially the creative ones, are special to us. We put so much of ourselves into each and every one. Personally, for us one of our all time favourites this past year is our shoot with Amato Couture that was published internationally in NOI.SE Magazine. The team was amazing and the dark concept of beauty and the inner self was something that we both had fun exploring and expressing through beautiful garments and a creative set."

Runway Model of the Year, up against Bronx Whitehorn (Vivien's), Ebony Hunter (Chadwick), Hannah Tatum (Scene), Simone Kerr (Vivien's) and Stirling Caiulo (Chadwick) this girl has some stiff competition but she's an absolute darling and nobody deserves the win more than Scene Model,

Erin Hannah Kendall

Erin tells us what it is she loves about modelling, 

"I don't know if there's any one reason why I love runway. I love all modelling! [laughs] But definitely with runway I love the combination of modelling, fashion, music and that 'rollercoasteresque' thrill!"

And what her nomination means to her,

"It's so overwhelming! I remember the moment I found out - I practically fell out of bed [laughs] I didn't even finish reading the article. It still hasn't really sunk in though. I'm still practicing my walk while I walk my doggy [laughs again], but seriously it's a massive honour to be nominated and I'm so thankful to everyone who has supported me and believed in me, I'm on cloud nine right now."

When it comes to Photographic Model of the Year, I almost included two... or three. But in the end even though she is up against the likes of Chanel Caldwell (Chadwick), Courtney Eaton (Vivien's), Erin Hannah (Scene), Jan Aeberhard (Vivien's) and Narcisa Music (Scene) our favourite has to be Perth's very own answer to Miranda Kerr for Chadwick Models,

Caris Tiivel

The choice for International Model of the Year was an easy one for EFNC (maybe we're just a little biased) but anyone who has Chanel and Prada on their resume as well as a penchant for good times all round can't be wrong. Represented by IMG Models and hailing from just down south,

Caitlin Lomax

Caitlin on modelling the world over,

"My favourite part would be a tie between making friends from all parts of the world and  experiencing different cities as a local as opposed to a tourist."

and her career so far,

"The moment that has stood out for me in my whole career was my very first Chanel show (I've done 5 now). It was the couture show in Paris and just as I was about to walk out Karl Lagerfeld said to me that I looked great and I was just buzzing the whole time I was on the catwalk trying not to smile"

These are our picks, who are yours?



Le Fanciulle said...

Great picks Elle, all these nominees are so deserving but I have to agree with most of the ones you've chosen!
Steph xx



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