Hi Summer with TANOUK

Sometimes life just presents you with,

one of those awesome chances where everything just seems too good to be true but you grab it with both hands and run.
Just to see what happens.

Take this for example...
A good friend - Adam Nalapraya, a hot friend - Lucy Ross, and a new friend - Robbie McPhilomey. Plus a whole heap of brand new, yet-to-be-released High Summer fashion from our friends at Tanouk.

It's a Sunday, a sunny one at that and none of us has anything better to do... could even there be anything better than that?

Naya crop & Noir Leopard Shorts

Nymoh crop & Naive Skort (without panel detail)

Neo top & Naked skirt

Nines Leopard crop & Nude shorts

Native crop & Noir shorts

photos : Adam Nalapraya @ ilikesyou
stylist : Elle Giles @ EFNC
hair & makeup : Robbie McPhilomey
model : Lucy Ross

apparel : Tanouk

looks available for pre-order now, just email orders@tanouk.com for more information

xx Elle




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