Jaime Lee Sparkles

What better way to celebrate,

a Crystal Anniversary than with the queen of sparkle herself, 
Jaime Lee

I know I'm a fashion blogger. And as such should come complete with large vocabulary and extensive abilities to spin a story out of pretty much anything. But if there's one thing this year that's come anywhere near rendering me speechless - it would have to be this show.

the venue, complete with floral archways and reflective runway, was a visual extravaganza.
And that's before we even got to the models...

Known for her flamboyant style and penchant for all things glimmer, the Jaime Lee night - and first stand alone event of the week - was always going to be a showstopper.
And it did not disappoint.

Featuring some of our favourite local girls, the collection was a mixture of glorious stained glass prints, embellishments galore, barely-there sheer fabrics and the very richest jewel hues.

The combination of colour, contrast and sheer dazzle, could easily seem nonsensical if tackled by a lesser designer. However her ability to take all these different elements and use them together to create something so unabashedly excessive yet completely lustworthy is where Jaime's talent really shines through. 

It's rare - almost unheard of - for me to write up a show without including at least one minor criticism...
Some may say it's cynicism, however I like to think I'm just not easily impressed.

But hey, stick me in front of something sparkly and I'll be entertained for hours.

A truly breathtaking experience,

photos thanks to the gorgeous 
Shirin Carter of Ragdoll Photography

xx Elle


Nezuki said...

Wish I got to go :) Missed out on this gorgeous event. Pure art. #InLove



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