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The other week,

we were lucky enough to be invited onto set to watch Perth photography duo Dhyan & Benjamin (known singularly as Dhyan Verco and Ben Riches) work their magic at one of Perth's coolest stores.

Wandering around the gorgeous space in Mosman Park you can see immediately why the boys felt they had to shoot here.
It's like a treasure trove of James Bond meets Danish Design interiors giving one the feeling they've been transported back in time to a place and time of impossible cool and excessive luxe.

photo of Elle & Dylann  by Natalie Hind

model : Dylann Cranswick
stylist : Clare Srdarov
hair & mua : Ady Grader
videographer : Natalie Hind
and photographers, 
of course : Dhyan & Benjamin

Having been to many photo shoots  but never one with two photographers working as one team - I wasn't too sure what to expect.

And was pleasantly surprised to discover the brilliant chemistry created by having to strong minded photographers working as a team on the one project.
Don't get me wrong - they bicker like an old married couple at times. But never to the detriment of the rest of the team or the shoot itself, and with two togs in the room at all times there's no extra space for inflated egos.

From their point of view Dhyan and Benjamin say they like working together because as the olds would say, "two heads are better than one" and it allows them to view things from more than one persons perspective as well as capture a wider variety of shots and come out with more beautiful results than maybe would be possible alone.

Keep your eyes out for the official shots coming out soon!

see more of Dhyan & Benjamin here.

xx Elle




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