Aye Captain!

Best Boutique - Boys Edition,

Set in amongst the time-warp that is London Court in the heart of Perth City. A new boutique has arrived,

Captain of the Ship

Primarily a guys store (but definitely with something for those girls who like to blur the lines), Captain of the Ship is your new must visit boutique store whether you're looking for your handsome hubby, bratty brother or some Fathers Day delight; this is the place to go.

We talked to Joel, Captain and Creator of this hidden gem, earlier in the week to get more of an insight to the man (and the concept) behind the store.

"I chose the nautical concept simply because themed stores give you the point of difference you need in the market to stand out from the rest.
I ran with the nautical theme simply because it's timeless and everyone can relate to it."

"I get a real buzz when older generations pop their heads in hoping to see a yachting store or something of that nature; then hang around to tell me stories of their times at see."


"Crooks and Castles, Publish Brand, Thorocraft, Topo Designs, Carhartt WIP and Undefeated."

Your Client?

"True Gentlemen"

the Name?

"It actually came to me while listening to 'Abandon Ship' by Gallows (here). It was just a gnarly break down in the bridge... 
 It was the missing piece to the puzzle really, the name came last."

your Favourite?

"[laughs] ...no comment, it's kinda like picking your favourite child. Having said that... I hope no one ever gets as excited to sell one of  their children as quick as I do my stock!"

your Style?

"Anything that's been washed... straight baller."

My personal favourite - it's my birthday this week if anyone's looking for gift ideas ;)
Whether you're looking for some serious retail therapy or just a new store with cool vibes, you should definitely sail on in to Captain of the Ship and check it out.

But seriously, all puns aside...

36 London Court
Perth WA 6000

xx Elle


Kennaz Kennedy said...

This piece of shit Joel Hinton is a low life scum bag who is a thief and a liar!



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