Label Love - Lottie Hall

There are some labels,

Australian or otherwise - that you just have to love.
And Lottie HALL is definitely one of them.

A cool, quirky Australian brand specialising in leather, knits and hand drawn prints.

For the surfer girl in all of us, even if you spend the majority of your time on the cement rather than hitting the sand.
Hall's print are all designed by hand and by her with inspiration coming from the timeless muses - art, water, colour and surf rather than popularity driven fashion and trends.

"the labels focus is to be Creative and Unique, yet Effortless and Wearable."

Browsing through Lottie's online presence it becomes immediately obvious that she has a love of the ocean running through her veins, with sand, sun and surf playing the star role (alongside some stunning models of course) in all of the beautiful images scattered throughout the labels blog/instagram/insertsocialmediahere.

But it doesn't end there.
But surf is in no way the be all and end all for Lottie HALL, being a namesake label Lottie takes inspiration from whatever inspires her.
And never is that more apparent than with the Winter '13 collection entitled S H A S T A originally inspired by the designers travels to Mount Shasta in Northern California, featuring batik prints, laser cut leather and overall darker aesthetic.

Staying try to what she wants and the looks she loves, Hall really does reserve the right to make her label, whatever she wants it to be. 
Which is possibly why it's so refreshing.

all photos featured taken from Lottie HALL blog & lookbook

And if - like me - you want to deck your closet out in Lottie HALL this Summer. Your best bet for online shopping is to find her wares on NastyGal or go to the stockists page on the Lottie HALL website to find a boutique near you.

xx Elle

P.S. you might like to know Lottie HALL is teaming up with super hot swimwear label SKYE & staghorn for Summer '14 - keep your eyes out, it's going to be epic.




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