Handbag Heaven

Gee, how original.

I bet that title made you wonder what this post is all about.
It's not what you think... 

Well actually, it kinda is.

My gal pal - and constant contributor to EFNC - Jordy, is currently bag shopping.
And not for just any bag, but for her first.

Not that she's never owned a handbag before... let's just say she's never invested in a handbag before. And for those of you out there who may be in the same position as her - I warn you - It's a huge and sometimes confusing world of leather and luxury brands out there.

So here, let me guide you.

The Practical Purse,

This bad boy carries everything and the kitchen sink.
Not even a play on words, it's by Phillip Lim and as its name suggests the 31 hour bag is designed to carry everything you could possibly need to get through the next 31 hours.
That's like... more than a day.
Often called the "safe" choice by fashion diehards, don't let that put you off cause you can pretty much get your hands on this bag in any colour or texture your heart desires, and all that for under $1000? 
That's practically bargain bin!

The Workaholic,

The Celine, "Edge" bag is absolute perfection for the modern working woman who needs sleek functionality in her day-life and subtle sexiness for evenings. Plus, you'd need to be a serious career woman to afford this baby.

It's funky and functional - actually it's totally not funky... funky is for hippies.
But it is fu#king fresh, and that's good enough for us.

The Collectors Classic,

You'll look a little badass even if you aren't with the shiny hardware on Proenza Schouler's PS11, a classic but by no means stuffy this bag's a bit of an icon in the fashion world and goes just as well with your old chucks and levi's as it will with that Valentino you've got stuffed in the cupboard.

And why stop at one? Available in any colour or texture your heart could desire you could collect them all...
 if your credit limit is high enough.

The Animal Lover,

Contrary to popular belief it doesn't have to be leather to be lovely, and faux doesn't need to be gaudy.
As proven here by Stella McCartney with her timeless favourite Falabella Foldover Tote. Being an animal lover to the core (read: vegan) when it comes to bags in this lady's label leather is a no-go and instead substituted with some of the softest, most buttery leather/suede/croc look fabrics on the market.

I have the Falabella Foldover Clutch myself (though I love my animals on my plate as much as in their wild) and can truly vouch for this brand.
You wouldn't know it's not butter- I mean leather...

The Boy Bag,

Why should the boys have all the fun? With the Chanel Boy bag, they won't - we will. 
This baby has been the absolute Number One on my want/need/mustfreakinghave list for quite some time now.
Mostly for it's super-good looks (what? I'm shallow) but also for it's classic shape, perfect size and timeless elegance.
And just like all the best bags, he's available in oh-so-many colourful, textural, embellished varieties.
One day...

The Leather Lover

Only varying from the animal lover in that they prefer their furry friends in the crook of their arm. And if you want to say "Hey! I've got money and style," what better way to say it than with a Reed Krakoff, the Atlantique would come in a close second in my personal handbag must-haves list. Because if you're serious about your handbag, 
and lets face it - it's a series subject, 
Krakoff has the crème de la crème of exotic skins.
And in an array of classic, feminine and masculine styles there's a style for every day of the week.

The Tough As Nails,

It's no secret I love Alexander Wang, and the Rocco bag would have to be one of his best.
Why? You ask. Because it is literally the 4WD of the handbag world. Take anywhere, do anything, be anyone and it's tough enough, polished enough and edgy enough to be just about whatever you need.
I don't have the Rocco myself, I tote his brother Diego. And although he is on of my great loves, I feel that a bucket bag doesn't have quite the same possibility of use as you get with this unbreakable baby.

The Simple Shopper,

For the girl that likes things all-in-one Givenchy gives you the Antigona Tote. With no fussy pockets or complicated compartments to navigate it's the perfect carry-all when you need to carry it all. 
Big enough for your gym kit and classy enough for your girls lunch.

Do you have another suggestion that could take us to Handbag Heaven?

xx Elle

Note: This post is dedicated to my good friend and handbag virgin Jordy Gillespie.


Le Fanciulle said...

Great post! Love the bag overview :) I think the 31 hour bag would be my pick of all of the above... I nearly diiieeed when I saw it at CQ!

Steph xx



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