"Back in Black"

Friday night,

Perth Town Hall,
About two hundred people,
and some great local designers.

 S.O.B Presents 'Back in Black'
ft. Jessica Bratich, Jomay Cao, Misano Shoes & Mosquito Jewellery

Jordy (EFNC's new kid on the block) and I were there to see what designer Intan Zuhuri had to offer.

and in keeping with the BLACK theme...
we wore every single different colour we could find.
All thanks to the amazing Tanouk!
(You may recognise the jacket from our recent giveaway... I loved it so much I had to get one of my own too)

and on that note, CONGRATULATIONS to Linelle Fields who won that super-sweet jacket and will be "raping" your Instagram with pics of her new love soon.

back to Friday night - 

We were impressed by the remarkable turn out for the relatively young designers on such a freaking freezing Friday night.

Alpha models walked the U-shaped runway, donning the darker shades typical of an Autumn/Winter collection. However golden hues and shimmering textiles seemed to set the theme for the night.

and despite one minor hiccup - the "hype man" (yes that is his job description) who had everyone's rapt attention as he swaggered down the runway rapping fly lyrics - with the help of his iPhone...

it was definitely an experience.
(not one I would care to repeat anytime soon thanks)

and a slight underestimation in the amount of seating that would be needed (which is just a testament to how many people showed up), it was an enjoyable night.

The highlight for me thought lay in the beauty rather than the fashion with all the models showcasing stunning gilded foreheads... don't know if I'll be trying it myself anytime soon - but it was beautiful.

xx Elle


Monique C said...

I had to laugh at the rapper - seriously, the models don't walk with a map of the runway, so you shouldn't be holding your bloody lyrics!

Anonymous said...

love those shots of models from the side, and just the rim light on them. great review and great show!



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