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A little while ago,

we hinted at doing something seriously cool to celebrate our first thousand followers, so here it is.
Hell yeah - you better be excited because we are less than 90 likes away from our thousandth Facebook follower, and since the world would crash and burn without Facebook in our lives, we think that's pretty damn cool.

Almost as cool as the amazing, and super exclusive, zebra-print Vinique bomber jacket by TANOUK pictured above.

So what do these two random facts have to do with each other?
Well, if you haven't put the pieces together by now, EatFashionNotCake has teamed up with TANOUK, one of the best up-and-coming labels in the industry, and we're giving this baby away to one of our first thousand devoted followers!
So how can I win?

Well if you've liked us on Facebook already, then your job is done, just sit back, relax and cross your fingers in hope that this stunner could be on it's way to your mailbox soon.

If not? Well like us already... duh.

It's seriously not a complicated competition.
but what if I want to make it complicated?

well you can't.
But if you'd like to double your chances of winning..?
Okay, we can do that.
Subscribe to EFNC via email at the bottom of our home page and we'll put your name in the draw a second time and double your chances of winning!

The TANOUK Vinique bomber retails for a cool $220, is fleece lined for super warmth and is the perfect statement jacket for your winter wardrobe. With an extremely limited number of this piece available we've used our powers of persuasion to get one FREE for one of you - no really you deserve it.

So show some love, share with your friends and pray like hell to the fashion gods that this jacket might one day soon be yours,

xx Elle 




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