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Another treasure in Fremantle's trove

and this one's worth it's weight in gold.

The Archive
Still a relatively new kid on the block this charming little boutique is just 17 months old and already one of my go-to places whenever in need of all things stylish, eye-catching and quirky.

Last week I popped in to store to have a chat with owner, Sonya (and pick up some divine boots for my own wardrobe)

"Two of my good friends who have an amazing PR agency called Bespoke PR in Sydney came up with the name [the Archive] when I explained the concept of the store to them. 
The store has a mix of cool brands with some pre owned clothes slotted in. I am really picky about the pre-loved fashion I put into the store so most people can’t even tell that there is a mix."

"The clothes I buy for the store are easy to wear, with an edge. I also try to buy fashion that is affordable to everyone and that you can’t find in every store in Perth. I try to buy for all ages so my demographic is broad, say 16- 60 years of age."

Who do they stock?

Senso              Viktoria & Woods          Mossman

RES Denim          Fluxus           Vanina           Wild Horses

Nique White Label        Neuw Denim        The Mode Collective

and exclusives..

Lottie Hall                   Amaleia            Fiends & Lovers

"I love that I am near the Train station so that there are always people popping in and I especially love that Freo has a historic old feel to it."

My personal favourites would have to be the divine metallic Steindl Bomber Jacket with gorgeous embroidered birds across the chest (above) and the sense boots... all of them!

So if you're in need of something a little bit different, or are looking for the only place for descent (read: beautiful) shoes in Fremantle definitely take a look in store at the Archive, Sonya is in store almost every day and always ready to help you with your latest wardrobe needs.

open 10 - 6 weekdays
10 - 5 saturday
11 - 4 sunday

23 Market street
Fremantle, 6160

xx Elle




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