Just because it's getting cold out,

doesn't mean you have to put the shades away

for a not-so-rainy day.

All the cool kids wear their sunnies with pride all year round.
But gone are the days of the monogamous sunglass' relationship. These days girls (and guys) go through glasses faster than... well faster than they used to.
Forget about a pair for each day of the week, we're talking pair-per-outfit here people.

So we've catalogued some of the coolest to get your collection started.
You're welcome.

TOM FORD, Golden Cat-Eye Nastasya Sunglasses

HER TINY TEETH, Purple Embellished Sunglasses - as featured on LimeCrime.com

WILDFOX, Unisexy Steff Mirrored Sunglasses

SPANGLED, Green Sparkle Rave Rims

KAREN WALKER, Forever Orbit Crystal Turquoise Sunglasses

SUNDAY SOMEWHERE, Chely Marble Demi Sunglasses

MOO PIYASOMBATKUL, Candy Baroque Sunglasses

You're Welcome.

xx Elle




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