Athletic Tendencies

We may not all be natural athletes,

But there's nothing to say we can't look the part.

These shots are from a story originally published in a frighteningly cool Australian digi-mag that goes by the name of 

[ Issue #9 ]

Athletic attire may be all the rage in this day and age, but these looks belong more, in the stands action and less, out playing hard on the field.

Photographer: Daniel Njegich @ Pilerats
Stylist: Elle Giles
Hair & Makeup: Alana Santos
Model: Daisy Douglas @ Chadwick Models
{ Film: Tay Kaka }

"What Film?"

You ask.
Well buy the damn magazine and you might just find out 

xx Elle

Note: Pilerats is $1.99 an issue - download the app free from the iTunes store.




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