What's in my SUITCASE?

Well, nothing yet...

because I don't leave for almost another whole week.

But it is already on my mind.
Because every time I go away, no matter where it may be I will always undoubtedly forget the important things I need and pack a whole heap of crap I have absolutely no use for. 
The consequential stress I experience whenever faced with a packing situation results in... procrastination.

And it is in that spirit of procrastination in which I present you with my latest,


All the things I would, if I could, take in my suitcase to Sydney with me.

Mawi, Purple Glitter Bug Clutch, featuring perspex spikes, teardrop crystals and studded box plus a whole lotta WOW-factor - $795

Finsk, sculptural wedges, in any and / or all styles are next to go in my case and would carry me (occupational health hazards aside) throughout the Surry Hills streets - $999

This Balenciaga, thermoformed crossover shell top, the perfect start to pretty much any bangin' getup - $1 535

And I swear that I don't even care that the above Mira Zwillinger gown is bridal... I would wear that thing every day for the rest of my life if I could, *swoon* - priceless.

M.A.C, Morange Lipstick also needs in my cosmetic case, I don't even care if it clashes with my new pink hair! - $36

But I guess you'll just have to wait and see in the days to come what I really pack for my trip to Sydney... trust me it'll be worth the wait.

xx Elle


Anonymous said...

Elle,I do hope you can fit all you want into your Sydney suitcase,remembering the weight allowance. I know That what you do take will both stylish and elegantas well as the very latest in what every one longs to wear. Have a great time . Gail



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