MBFWA - Day Two

Let's start the day the best way,

and that of course has to be...
with a radical outfit thanks to Tanouk

and I'm wearing the cute & quirky "kicker" dress today paired with black heels and a Stella McCartney clutch.
Haha, you can see my cute Ripcurl luggage strewn across the background - One day that will be Louis Vuitton my friends! Even if I have to sell my soul for it (how much can you get for one of those these days anyway..?)

Conforming to a chronological timeline means that next up came 

Ginger & Smart

And what a way to start the day.
Not that anyone really expected anything less from Ginger & Smart; But there really wasn't much that walked down the runway that I wouldn't buy.
They kept it crisp and fresh with geometric prints next to simple, elegant lines and black lace layered on lighter tones brought femininity back to traditionally masculine, tailored pieces.
AND repeat after me folks: Texture, it's all. about. texture.
Leather, Mesh, Lace and Organza.

Then the afternoon brought,

Jayson Brunsdon

It was like going to a real, grown-up show, if you know what I mean. With real grown-ups and pretty dresses and beautiful gowns floating along to a more classical soundtrack. Models with slicked hair and back to basics really encouraged the dresses (and garments in general) to take centre stage. The last dress to take it's turn (pictured above) was without a doubt my most coveted piece - who can resist the drama of a train? And all my friends know I can't say no to backless!

And true to form,
my camera ran out of juice (poor thing's probably feeling overworked) just as we were being seated for


pic via. MBFWA

pic via. FabSugar

pic. via MBFWA

pic via. FabSugar 
pic via. FabSugar

It was a pleasant surprise that Aje managed to both uphold the "sequin-love" that they're so well known for but also amp up the femininity and tone down the brights in this collection. Sticking with a more muted palette of neutral and pastel hues really helped to bring a more whimsical touch to the Aje aesthetic and in my eyes definitely brought more of an understated class into the spotlight (to the extent that fully beaded and embellished tops and skirts can ever really be understated...)

xx Elle




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