MBFWA - Day Three

It's all in the outfit,

the only way to begin your day.

And I started off my day breaking one of the cardinal rules with cleavage and leg-age ... but I'm a blogger and we're a rule-breakin' lot of larrikins so send your complaints elsewhere. 

Okay, so before we go any further I need to admit one little thing,
there's an idiot in the room.
And she forgot to charge her camera on Tuesday night so it would be juiced up and ready to work Wednesday.
However, despite this frustrating and mildly humiliating fact, there were some ah-mazing shows on Day Three of MBFWA.

Alice McCall

all closeups from FabSugar
all full length shots from Vogue, shot by Lucas Dawson

Navy, white and silvery greys definitely seemed to be a recurring theme through a few of the shows this week, Alice McCall included. The collection felt fresh and airy with a mixture of lightweight materials, cutouts and cool tones themed towards the ocean. As always femininity was the key to the collection, with even of-the-moment 'cocoon shoulder' pieces given a girly edge (who would've ever thought possible) through the use of sheer panelling and softer hues.


all closeups from FabSugar
all full length shots from Vogue, shot by Lucas Dawson
There isn't really a lot to say about Camilla, except that she's amazing, it's amazing and will always be amazing. Super saturated colours, prints and patterns you've only dreamed of and all of it floaty, feminine and something to flatter every woman. What more could you ask for? 
Oh just a gorgeous setting and some damn fine accessorising, that's what.

xx Elle




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