MBFWA - Day One

Okay so I'm going to keep it short

and sweet. Because I'm tired, and quite frankly - fairly tipsy.

Outfit - Day One

Jacket & Skirt by Tanouk
Boots by Sol Sana

So for the next week or so you're going to hear me go on, and on, and on about Tanouk. The lovechild of one of my bestest friends in the entire world Nikeisha Coulter the label is hardly even off the ground and already this week has gained interest from retail buyers and style blogger alike - not to mention a little fashion retailer by the name of NastyGal!

Bec & Bridge Show

pic via. FabSugar

pic via. FabSugar

So I could tell you all about how Bec and Bridge seemed to take steps into the truly adult world with the fine detailing and lowered hemlines of today's show, and I could tell you about the softer colour palette and subtler prints displaying a level of restraint previously unknown to the Bec & Bridge label. 
But, seeing as they just decided to "show us what they can do" and won't actually be putting anything from the show into production (allegedly).
Instead I'm just going to tell you how the models walked under a really cool, hanging "spine" made out of fluorescent lights and that the soundtrack to the show was quite possibly the highlight of the event.

White Sands Show

It was pretty and cute with floral and frills - but not lots of thrills. I mean, really, what do you expect from swimwear? No it wasn't mind-blowing, but yes it was wearable and yes the models most likely motivated many a guest to begin an impromptu crash diet... immediately.

and that's really all I can handle right now. It's only the end of Day One and I'm already exhausted - pray to the fashion gods to get me through.

xx Elle


Romi said...

Yo Elle!
Lovely meeting you yesterday! :)
Yep.. I liked what you were wearing more than any swimwear shows yesterday. :P
See u around!

★Romiya Fashion Inspiration Blog★

Elle Giles said...

Aww, thanks Romi, you're too sweet! Will you be attending any more shows over the next couple of days? Can't wait to post the pics I got of you either - your jewellery is radical, i love it to bits! will send you a link when I get a post up xx



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