MBFWA - Day One, Part II

So whereabouts did I leave off..?

Oh yeah,

By Johnny Show

pictures via. MBWA website
I came away from this show not feeling amazing about it, but I feel like sometimes when you're at a show and you're photographing it you don't really see it. So today when I went back and actually looked at the collection again I realised I actually quite like it. The oversized sheer jumpers (both in black and pale pink) were the highlight of By Johnny for me, along with the exceptionally strong graphic prints and also the sporty edge he's managed to inject whilst keeping it a very feminine range. 
Good job Johnny!
(I won't make mention of the frilled hems that managed to crawl their way onto the bottom of many a skirt and dress in this show, because - except for the one pictured above - I just really don't know if I have anything nice to say about it)

And finally, for the (2nd) last show of the evening,

Group Swimwear Runway



Skye and Staghorn


Surface Too Deep

For me the highlights of this show would have to be Gypsea's woven shoulder crop top and (also by Gypsea) the Sea Shepherd bodysuit, because although the basic bodysuit with cut printed logo has been done to death how can you not love something that just wants to protect the animals?
Also the sports chic look (looking past the camp print) presented by Skye and Staghorn with block colours and cutouts was completely wearable and stood out in it's simplicity among the prints galore.

xx Elle




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