MBFWA - Day Four

By now I assume you know

how it goes,

This was my favourite and possibly most snapped outfit of the week - Tanouk of course!
And NastyGal posted this shot of their gorgeous buyer Lisa and I out the front of Carriageworks soaking up some sun.

But when it comes to my favourite show of the day... It would easily have to be 


A metallic and floral explosion of shiny embellished goodness. I fell head over heels for a couple of pieces in particular,

this floral jacket, similar in theory to the Nicholas AW13 Tapestry Print Moto Jacket that I love so much, but super saturated and made for spring/summer

the epic, shiny birthday present necklace

the shiny, silver spaceman backpack

and this lil' number, textured skirt, leather tee and amazing Shakuhachi sunnies to top it off!

was this the only show I saw on Day Four? No. 
Was it the best? Yes.

(Possibly because I wasn't invited to Emma Mulholland...)

xx Elle




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