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The Amusement Parks

seemed so much bigger when I was little.

To a pint-sized kid hopped up on sugar and all the artificial colours and flavours one could dream of, what could be better than a show-ground paradise?

leather dress by Steele and vintage hat

But as an adult, it's dreams of the carnival's after dark extravaganza of bright lights and - just between you and me -  bass beats, that lure and seduce you

military cap from Army Surplus and Metalicus blazer

So how could we say no to an evening of deserted carnival mischief? 
Complete with dazzling lights, reeling show rides and a little bit of Empire State of Mind piping through the speakers...

Metalicus blazer, Aimee-Cherie neoprene bra, Steele leather pants and Army Surplus cap

There's nothing you can't do...
These streets will make you feel brand new,
Big lights will inspire you,

One hand in the air for the big city
Street lights, big dreams, all looking' pretty,

Generics Accessories silver spike cap

No place in the world that can compare
Put your lighters in the air, everybody say yeah...

vintage felt floppy hat

Concrete jungle where dreams are made...
There's nothing you can't do,
These streets will make you feel brand new,
Big lights will inspire you.

Ixiah jacket and Stylist's own hat
Photo & Creative: Jody Pachniuk
Stylist: Elle Giles
Model: Elinor Devenish-Meares @ Vivien's Model Management

Just a taste of some of the work I've done recently that I'm so excited to share with you,

xx Elle




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