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This is one of those things,

I've been meaning to do for a while...
Like going to the dentist and getting my hair cut.

A list, possibly a fairly long one, of Perth's Best Boutiques.
But what began as a mere list eventually morphed into something much more. Something needing a page all of it's very own to contain the knowledge and wisdom held within.

I've already begun travelling the world (okay... Perth), discovering the new gems and rediscovering time-honoured treasure troves, that are the Best Boutiques we have to offer.

Then bringing them express to you, with all the gory details cut-down and cleaned up into neat little packages of retail goodness!

So the next time you're finding for your shopping hit just wander on over to,


on our top menu and prepare to be delighted :)

[Note: Any and all requests for Best Boutique features will be taken into consideration - and then very possibly completely ignored - but go ahead and nominate one anyway]

xx Elle




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