And then, there was Paris

Home of Croissants, the Louvre,

and some of the most beautiful fashion in the world.

"Ahhh, Paris!" 
[pronounced: pA-ree - by us cultured folk]

photo via. High Snobiety
the tippety-top of the fashion pyramid,
the upper crust of the couture pie,
and the shining star of the street style parades.

Paris Fashion Week
Fall RTW 2013

and as usual, who cares what the rest of the world says...
these are my favourite picks from the runway shows, plus some of the things that just happen to catch my eye.

Louis Vuitton

 So this collection is kind of what I'd imagine it would look like if little Miss Audrey Hepburn ever ventured out about town in her jim-jams - beautiful, delicate, intricate pyjamas at that. Add some cute (and wildly unpractical) colourful, furry bags, shimmering ombre finishes and a fabulous platform heel or two thrown in for the glamour - and you've got the ultimate pyjama party.


A little bit Wednesday Adams and a little bit virginal Amish girl, the Valentino show walked hit after hit after fabulous hit down the runway. Clean, unfussy silhouettes went hand in hand with powerful hues and tapestry embroidery. Even with the most stiff and traditional ensembles pumped up the sex appeal in the most innocent of ways with sheer panels showing glimpses of skin and demure dresses with sky-high hems.

Miu Miu

Miu Miu tends to do things different - this year that included polka dot patterns, over-OVER-sized handbags and metallic heels. Contrast against striped socks, exposed zips and just a touch of eye-popping colour to lift the mood and give it that punch of girly quirk.


With Daft Punk and (seemingly) the whole world on his side Karl brought grungy back (better than J.T. ever did with sexy) at the Chanel runway spectacular, but only in small doses. With thigh-high boots, leather moto-gloves and chains galore highlighted by fluffy multi-hued hats, bright snow whites and cute, colourful tweeds.

Viktor & Rolf

Black and white with bows and leather.
I simply love V&R, no matter what they do - to me they are the quiet achievers who season after season present us with delectable shows full of the most supremely gorgeous AND wearable pieces (discounting that little hiccup of a collection that was pre-fall 2013). 
They manage to make bows seem tough and construct leather that looks sweet - and then rough it all up a little with a cut-out here and some fraying edges there.

Alexander McQueen

Less is more or is More is less... No one really knows when it comes to McQueen creations. Only 10 models took to the runway but everything they wore just screamed more and more and more. 
Jewels and pearls and studs and cages. 
Feathers and boots and corsets and trains.
McQueen goes Medieval and it's loved oh-so-much.

Award for Most Confused Collection:

Is it inspired by Disney? Or working with a floral motif?
Pulling off sheer seduction? Or giving us some neo-gothic illumination?
Masculine meets feminine in a fight to the death and nobody seems to know which way is up, but one thing is for sure - Anybody who includes Bambi into their collection, has got a surefire winner on their hands. Everybody loves Bambi.

Award for the Most Blatant Use of an Eye Motif:

Okay, so they didn't really have much competition with this one. But it's not Kenzo if it's not different, and we all love different. Especially when it concerns cropped furry blue jackets, shiny golden tones and of course repeated Hindu inspired eye prints.

Award for Least Wearable Collection:
Comme des Garçons
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On the narrowest of runways, models donned the most exuberant of creations. But where to wear?
To the supermarket for some grocery shopping? Or down to school to pick up the kids? What about out for a casual lunch with the ladies?
All of the above of course!

xx Elle 




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